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Do you want your website to look like this?

You want to sell more products in this time, you want to increase revenues, decrease inventory, increase sale. It’s not too difficult to do it, if you use Bundle. Supposing, you’re a customer, you want to buy some product, but the value of them is too much. And you see the bundle have all of them, I’m sure the customer will buy that bundle. Why not?

Config bundle from Kalles 1.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.2

Create a menu with any name and follow the handle below.

Add menu item link to the products you want to show on bundle

From menu handle, enter handle is fbt-productID , for example you want to show on this product so the ID can see in the link.

Config bundle from Kalles 1.1

Important note if product not showing on Bundle block.

If your main product is sold out, the bundle will NOT be displayed even if you have configured the tag.

If your product shown in the package is sold out, we will automatically hide it from the Bundle.

Lets config that with me. All you need to do is follow my instructions

1- Create a menu

Go to Navigation and create a menu. From Menu items, you must add a product link

When add a Menu items, you must link to Product like this

2- Add a tag to product

Now, go to the product which you want to show the bundle, it will show a bundle with these products.

From a product you want to show bundle, please enter a tag with a structure fbtt4_handle_menu

In this case, it will be fbtt4_blush-beanie

And now the bundle already showed in this product page

You can make this bundle to show again in other products by follow these steps again.

Example: From another product, I will enter this tag again

And Bundle will show in this product

If you want to create a new bundle, you can create a new menu and follow from step 1 again.