How to update the theme ?
You can not update from Kalles 1.x.x or 2.x.x to Kalles 3.x.x because the theme structure has changed completely. That means you have to rebuild your store if using Kalles 3.x.x. We recommend keeping the old version if it is stable and configuring Kalles 3.x.x in preview mode. Once everything in Kalles 3.x.x is up and running, you can publish it to replace the old version.
Please note that update can not bring all advance customize work which you did by modified our theme files or app integration.
When our item has a new version, you will receive an updated email from Envato and visit https://themeforest.net/download
You can download our theme again and extract it to see the theme upload package (like when you used the previous version). Please follow some steps below to understand how to update our items from the old version to the new version. it takes only 1 minute to update.
If you have customized the old version (such as hiring a developer to write new features or customizing our theme) so that the updated version cannot carry these codes, you will need to migrate all the custom code by manually.

With Kalles 3.x.x


With Kalles 2.7.4 and earlier

1. Move the theme configuration

a - On old site

Go to Theme actions > Edit code
Open settings_data.json of theme > Copy all code.

b - On new site

Go to Theme actions > Edit code.
Paste all code from Old theme to settings_data.json in New theme > Save.
Result: On new update get all config from old theme

2. Move the translation text

If you are using a different language like French or simple you have to change some English words from default to your so you have to move them from the old theme version to a new theme version.

a - On old theme

Go to Edit theme > and open the Locales folder.
Open a language file you are using, for example, if your store uses French so open file fr.json
Press Ctrl + A or Command + A > Copy all data

b - On new theme

Open this file from the new theme and paste all content, it will apply your old translation text

3. Some note after uploading theme

After you upload the theme, you must press the button "Update an online store" to update the variant color. If you do not press the update button, your store will not display the variant colors you created earlier.
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