Import Demo
Please make sure that you have unzipped the theme package that you download on Theme Forest before upload it to your store. Otherwise, you will get the issue: zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template "layout/theme.liquid". Then please upload Kalles_2.x.zip file to your store.

With Kalles 3.0.0

Step 1: Open folder Kalles 3.0.0

Step 2: Open Kalles 3 data

Step 3: Edit theme and copy data file

Choose a home you want to import by open with Editor software from your computer

Step 4: Copy code to the theme file

With Kalles 2.7.4 and earlier

Step 1: Open data config file

1.1 - On the file downloaded from https://themeforest.net/, it has a file called 'DEMO DATA'.
Open version 2.x.x
1.2 - You need to go DEMO DATA > Choose the Home layout you want > Open file > Copy all data
Note: You can use the Sublime Text to open the file.

Step 2: Copy to your theme

2.1 - Go to Customize > Theme actions > Edit code
2.2 - Open "setting_data.json" file > Paste all the data which copied from ''DEMO DATA' to here > click to 'SAVE'
  • Just support import config sections the same on demo, NOT support import images, products, data the same on demo.