Upload theme

Guiding get the file upload

After buying our theme, please extract download package which downloaded from https://themeforest.net/downloads
Then, upload kalles_x.x.x (upload me).zip on your store
Extract download package
There are 2 separate versions here:
1- Kalles version 2.7.4: for old customers who want to upgrade from a lower version.
2- Kalles version 3.0.0: for new customers or customers who want to use Kalles OS2.0. When using this version, you cannot update from Kalles 2.x.x, everything needs to be redone from scratch.
So choose the versions you want to use and start installing them.

1 - First, you need to click ‘Online Store‘.

2 - Click the 'Upload Theme'

3 - Click the 'Select File' button

4 - Click 'Customize Theme' to config

You should watch this tutorial video for more: