Swatch, Label Submenu

Go to Sections > Swatch, Label Submenu

Set name the color and select the color code you want to customize.

1 - Set color

Why you need use this section?
When a product has color variants such as RED, BLUE, YELLOW ... then these are primary colors and already available but if the names are flexible colors like SNOW WHITE or PINK CLAY, they are not identified. Users must use this feature to configure the color they want

1.1 - Color name

Set name for swatch

1.2 - Select color

Choose color for show demo swatch

1.3 - Show image?

100px x 100px recommended
Instead of choosing the colors in the section above, you can upload color images faster.
In some cases you are required to use this section, such as polka dots, patterns, etc.

2 - Set label

2.1 - Label name

2.2 - Background color

2.3 - Text color

3 - Add custom label

You want to display the different tags on the different Products. Don't worry, just need to do as these steps:

Step 1 - Add Tags on Product

You need to add the tag as this syntax: "badge_the-name-of-tag" on Tags box of Products

Step 2 - Config the label on Customize

You can go to Sections > Swatch, Label submenu > Add content > Label product custom
+ Now you need to add the name label the same tag which added on Product before & config the color for it


Finally, the label will show on the product:

1 product only customized 3 labels.