Flash Search
FlashSearch is a Shopify application developed by a team of experienced e-commerce professionals. Although developed and released after other Search and Filter applications, FlashSearch inherits new technologies and advanced thinking. Developers put themselves in the customer's shoes and understand their difficulties when using a Shopify app. Instead of developing clunky, inflexible, and hard to reach application, FlashSearch is built in an intuitive, simple to understand way but still retains the powerful features of a leading Search and Filter application
Based on advanced technologies of Big data and AI allowing search and filter functions to work smoothly.
FlashSearch helps you optimize and increase user experience by quickly searching for products that match your keywords or sometimes those products are prioritized by yourself. It helps you maximize revenue quickly and customers feel useful to them during the search for the right product.
Provide the search results with Instant Search
Instant search makes it possible for users to instantly see the right products after typing the first letters. With FlashSearch, you won't see any delay in the search as it is instant. In addition, the results box also displays other relevant information from Blog, Page... this ensures customers do not miss any information after typing the search.
  • Advanced Search Autocomplete
  • Spell-check & Typo Autocorrection
  • Instant search suggestions with live product preview: thumbnail, price, label, rating, in-stock status
  • Search across product and content
  • Synonyms & Stopwords
  • Suggestion Dictionary
  • “Did you mean” feature to avoid giving zero results
  • Keyword-based redirects
  • Customizable look and feel
  • And much more…..
Allows filtering of search results and collections
FlashSearch supports two filter layouts including vertical and horizontal. You can change the filters for each collection, and FlashSearch can filter by product attributes or other third-party attributes like reviews. Basically, FlashSearch supports the features below.
  • Vertical & horizontal filter menu
  • Unlimited number of customizable filters
  • Dynamic filters by price, product type, collections, tags, vendor, color, size, product rating, availability
  • Multi-select filters
  • Filters by tags & metafields
  • Quick View, Add to Cart buttons
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Support product grid layouts from a lot of popular Shopify themes like official themes and third-party themes
  • Filter by review or from third-party (updating)
We spend a lot of time developing FlashSearch to provide a good experience for all our customers and save them time in the process of getting used to the application.
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