Cart, Search Widget

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Cart Settings

When the quantity of product was reduce to 0, the product will be removed from the Cart page

You can choose "Repace old items" or "Add a new item".

1 - Shopping Cart Widget

1.1 - Shopping Cart Widget

When click to "Cart icon" on Header, the Shopping Cart Widget will show as:

  • Disable

  • Hidden sidebar

  • Dropdown Widget menu in header

1.2 - Action when an item is added to the cart

  • No action, stay on the current page

  • Show popup

  • Show popup upsell

  • Show hidden sidebar/dropdown

  • Go to Cart page

1.3 - Upsell Products popup

Only working when you use 'Show popup upsell'. You can set list upsell other by poduct with a linklist menu

2 - Search Widget

Full screen
  • Search Suggest Product: