Product Item Settings


1 - Quick view & Rating & Hidden Add to cart, Select option, quick shop.

  • Use quick view:
See more details about product on home page.
  • Use rating:
Use for rating product.
  • Hidden Add to cart, Select option, quick shop:
Not use

2- Price settings:

Price varies settings:

3- Product images settings

3.1 - Show image:(2 types)

Only one image

Two image

3.2 - Two images hover effect: (2 types)

Opacity: Not zoom in the picture when you move mouse to
Zoom: Picture will be zoom in when you move mouse to
Background overlay: blur the photo

4 - Quick shop settings:

4.1 - Use Quick shop:

4.2 - Swatch design setting: (10 Types)

4.3 - Swatch color setting for Design: (2 Types)

4.4 - Swatch Layout setting for color/img: (2 Types)

Swatch color setting for size:

5 - Product item size settings:

Show size:
Enter variant name you want show size:
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