Product Recommendation

Watching tutorial video in here:

You can go to Product Page > Sections > Product Recommendation

Then config for it:

  • Show product recommendations:

  • Title settings:

1. General configuration:

  • Select type to show:

1.1 - By collection:

It shows products with the collection list

How to config Link List:

Create a Menu

Go to Main Product

You need to add tag with permanent syntax:

Permanent syntax: relatedt4_handle of menu

Eg: relatedt4_test-recommended-products

Note: With any menu will have different handle

And then go to Customize > Product recommendations > By Linklist

    • By Dynamic recommendations:

    Dynamic recommendations change and improve with time. Learn more. You can add a section to your product pages that displays an automatically-generated list of product recommendations. Displaying recommended products to customers makes it easier for them to discover new products, and can help to increase online store sales.


1.3 - By Product Vendor

In this section, the theme will take products with the same author.

1.4 - Product type

You can config this feature in here. It has the same way config with the "By Product Vendor"