Product Summary

This is a great feature that no Shopify theme supports, it allows you to rearrange the components of the product page and customize the parameters extremely easily.

Go to Product Page > Sections > Product Summary

You can show these option:

All blocks supported from Product page

1.Product Title

2.Product Price, Review

3.Short description

Number of words that will be displayed for each product content if you use 'Excerpt' mode and don't set custom excerpt for each product content.

4 - Product form

4.1 - Add to cart animation

4.2 - Button design

Design 01
Desin 02
Design 03

4.3 - Product Swatch

4.2.1 - Swatch design setting

  • Circle:

Circle and color
  • Radio:

Radio and color
Radio full width
Radio full width and color
  • Rectangle:

Rectangle and color
  • Simple:

Simple and color

4.2.2 - Swatch color setting for Design

Swatch color circle
Swatch color square

4.2.3 - Swatch Layout setting for color/img

4.2.4 - Swatch color setting for size

Extra large

4.2.5 - Quantity selector/Add to cart full width/Dynamic checkout button.

5.Size guide, Delivery & Return

6.Product meta

7. Product Social



9.Stock bar

9.1 - Display the stock level of your product variant.

You show it by using the icon or image

9.2 - Stock

9.1.1 - Default:

  • Show when less than (X) items are in stock

9.1.2 - Random

It shows random quantity. It's fake quantity, not real.

9.1.3 - Default + random

If the quantity in stock product <= (X) ---> it run as default.

If not, it runs as random

9.3 - Translate label

10.Product trust seal image

11.Live view

12.Total sold flash


14.Custom HTML