Tab Description

Watching tutorial video in here:

Product Page > Sections > Tab Description

===> Then, config for it:

1 - Settings

You can easy to change a background, layout for product tab here.

Kalles is very flexible because it allows you to configure margin and padding values separately on desktop and mobile. The margin, padding values will be used respectively for top, right, bottom, left.

Config margin value for desktop
Config margin value for mobile

2 - Content

2.1 - Description

It'll get auto content on Products


2.2 - Additional Information

It'll get auto the variant on Products and cannot edit the content in there


2.3 - Review

2.4 - Custom HTML

Allow show page content in the tab

2.5 - Frequently bought together

To config this features, you must follow these steps below

Create a menu with handle is "fbt-product ID", the product ID is a main product ID

You can get the product ID here
Cyan Boheme have ID is 4540383002763

From menu item, add a link as a product

Please note that you cannot discount these products like professional applications. This function simply allows you to group the products you want and it makes it easier for customers to purchase new products from your store.