Portfolio configuration
With Kalara, you can able to create an awesome portfolio page which allow you have some showcase. Please see our explain below to understand how to config and using this awesome feature.
This is a demo for Portfolio feature.

Step 1 - Create a Blog posts category

Blog posts > manage blogs
Click to Add blog
Enter Blog name and config template suffix here by use blog.portfolio

Step 2 - Create Portfolio content

Go to Blog posts and click to Add blog post button
Enter information for article (portfolio item in this case) such as title, content, special image
Choose a blog which created in Step 1 and enter tag which will use for filter

Step 3 - Configuration on Theme Customize

Go to Theme Customize > Blogs > Click on the Portfolio categories
A portfolio page will show and you can see the config block in the sidebar
PAGE HEADING will have all options for the area in above
PORTFOLIO will have all options for main portfolio
To enable filter, please use this option and remember, you must enter tags to the portfolio content (see step 2).
If you don't want to show all tags, you can add manually by use MANUALLY BLOCK and add new tag from CONTENT block below (see screenshot).